Scientific Scope

Fundamental electrochemistry & electrochemistry for energy, environment and health.
S1: Fundamentals
• Electrochemical measurements
• Electrode processes and interfacial electrochemistry
• Semiconductor electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry

S2: Energy
• Fuel cells and clean energy devices
• Batteries, supercapacitors and energy storage devices
• Electrochemistry and electrolysers in chemical fuel production and chemical synthesis

S3: Environment
• Electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry in environmental remediation
• Electrochemical sensing principles and instrumentation for environmental monitoring and assessment
• Translational research in electrochemical sensing
• Corrosion and corrosion protection

S4: Health
• Electrochemistry in diagnostics, medical devices and neuroscience
• Redox processes in biological systems
• Electrochemistry-based products and processes with societal impact